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Frequently Asked Question

Q. What is Frontier Shopping Zone?

A. Frontier Biscuit Factory Pvt. Ltd. sells its product through its exclusive shopping zone. A Frontier shopping zone is an authorized store of Frontier Biscuit Factory Pvt. Ltd. which has the rights to sell Frontier’s products.

Q. Tell us about Frontier Shopping Zone Authorised Dealer.

A. Frontier Biscuit Factory Pvt. Ltd. is looking for Shopping Zone Authorised Dealer associates to sell exclusively Frontier’s handmade biscuits as per company’s terms, standards and specification.

Q. What are we offering?

A.We are offering more than 45 varieties of Handmade Eggless biscuits, Rusks and Khatais

Q. How much investment is required?

A. Around 8 lacs investment is required which includes the designing and build up costs. Please note, 8 lacs Includes only setup cost

Q. Can we provide a break up for 8 lacs investment?

A. Yes, but after we have shortlisted you as our prospective Authorised Dealer.

Q. Is there any deposit, Authorised Dealer fee or security?

A. Yes, we are charging 5 lacs earnest money which is refundable, without interest, at the time of termination of agreement. There is also an increase of 20% in earnest money amount after 3 years time.

Q. How much area is required?

A. The applicant must own ground floor shop, in a commercially approved area, at a prime location. The carpet area of the shop should range from 400 to 500 sq ft. The frontage of the shop should be minimum 10 feet.

Q. Do I need to have a prior experience in bakery industry?

A. For Shopping Zone Authorised Dealer no prior experience in bakery industry is required. We also provide initial trainings.

Q. Do I need to be present in shopping zone at all the time?

A. Running a Frontier Shopping Zone is a simple and hassle free business and you may appoint an authorized sales manager (with company’s approval) to run the show, if you do not wish to be presented in the shopping zone at all the times. However, we would like you to be involved in the business, success of the Authorised Dealer and not to expect the business to run itself. Many of our Authorised Dealer own other business, or own multiple Frontier’s Shopping zone, but all understand they must focus on results

Q.What if I don’t own a shop, but would like to take one on rent or lease to run Frontier shopping zone?

A.We are not considering such applicants. The Authorised Dealer must own a shop at a commercially approved area with carpet area of 400 to 500sq ft.

Q. What about applicants who do not have shop on ground floor?

A. We are not encouraging such applicants for market areas. The Authorised Dealer must own a ground floor shop with minimum 10 ft front. However, the application can be considered taking into account the accessibility, location, market area, foot fall etc. (Malls only)

Q. Can I apply for multiple store?

A. We are not considering such applicants. At the moment, we are offering one shopping zone Authorised Dealer per applicant. Multiple shopping zone Authorised Dealer may be offered after taking into account the duration of association with the Authorised Dealer, working and behavior of Authorised Dealer, his terms and relations with the company, his involvement and understanding of business etc

Q. Can I apply for distributorship?

A. Currently we are not looking for any distributors.

Q. How can I fix up an appointment with the person looking after Authorised Dealer operations?

A. We request you to first, submit the online form or write to us providing all the necessary details. Once your details are received and you appear to qualify we will get in touch with you to request for additional information or fix up an appointment.

Q.What about Profit Margins, ROI?

A. These details will be shared, after we have shortlisted you as our prospective Authorised Dealer.

Q. What about statutory requirements?

A. All the applicable legalities like Sale tax registration, Weight & measurement, Shop & Establishment license etc as per the applicable government rules and regulations will be mandatory and required to be fulfilled by the applicant.

Q. Where can I apply for Frontier shopping zone Authorised Dealer?

A. You can apply on our official website i.e. Or, write to us at the following address:
Chief Business Development
Frontier Biscuit Factory Pvt. Ltd.
Admn. Off: A-6/1, Paschim Vihar,
New Delhi – 110063

Q. I haven’t received any reply of my application form.

A.We apologize for the same and assure you that we try to reply as much as we can. Also, it might be that you have submitted an incomplete form.

Q. Why my proposal was not accepted, even if I comply with all the requirements?

A. There can be various reasons for not accepting the proposal: We are not exploring the area you have proposed or offered. The area proposed or offered has already been allotted to an existing Authorised Dealer. We have already shortlisted our Authorised Dealer for that area and therefore are no longer considering any new requests

In case you don’t find an answer to your query from the above list, you can e-mail your query at